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This study is a bit old, but it shows how nutritious these soymilk brands are and if the company selling them has dirty hands when it comes to exploiting loopholes in organic practice. For example: using soy lecithin extracted with HEXANE… Yes, the toxic chemical hexane. Or buying soybeans from South America that were grown on deforested rainforest land. Anyone we know would say “how awful!”, since they don’t try to support these things outright.

We live in a synthetic chemical world now, so it’s hard to avoid. Even if you’re trying your best, they can still sneak into your food supply. Please show this cornucopia chart to your soy drinking friends, they will probably thank you.

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Unless you see a third-party certified organic, grass-fed or animal welfare label on it, chances are your favorite steak or sausage comes from an animal that was pumped with hormones or growth drugs and daily doses of antibiotics. It was also likely fed a diet of pesticide-doused GMO corn or soy.

With no mandatory third-party certifications, deceptive labels leave us in the dark about what we’re eating and hurt farmers that are raising animals humanely and sustainably. 

Raising billions of animals in confined conditions generates mountains of toxic manure that pollute our air and water. Overuse of antibiotics contributes to the rise of antibiotic resistance, one of our most serious public health problems.

But we have the power to push for a better system. We can eat less meat and more plants and increase demand for healthier, more sustainable and humane animal products.

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Want to give a gift with meaning? Why not give a tree?

at, there are so many affordable trees to choose from. You don’t have to shop at a big box store and buy trees with a markup which contributes to lining the pockets of billionaires who don’t care about our environment. Just head over to arbor days site and see what you can plant! Or use the widget on our site to lookup trees for your hardiness zone.

Anonymous asked: How do you cope with knowing that animal cruelty is still happening in the world? I'm in the process of becoming vegan because I can't continue living my life knowing that I've contributed to ending others. But it's not just the food industry that upsets me, entertainment (SeaWorld) industries upset me too. Knowing that animals are still suffering makes me angry, depressed, hopeless and just disappointed in humanity. This heavy feeling is so frequent. Do u ever feel this/how do u cope with it?❤️


A lot of things upset me too, I’m discovering more and more every day and finding it increasingly difficult to live a “normal” life. I’m currently unimpressed with how unethical in every sense of the word all supermarkets are, yet it’s difficult without a car and a limited amount of time and money to shop at farmers markets. I’ve met people through the cafe I’ve been volunteering at though who are freegans and eat only waste food they find, so hopfully I join them some time!

You’ve just got to do what you can, because if you don’t try to change the world who will?? It seems hopeless some times I know, I get really frustrated too. But then I also have good days where I meet other people who feel the way I do and are doing something about it and that makes me feel hopeful.

Try to surround yourself with like minded people but be careful not to completely isolate yourself from others who haven’t found the path you’re on yet. We need to keep trying to influence others to change their habits by educating and informing. I was ignorant for 20 years before I turned veggie, then still misinformed for another 3 before I became vegan! Stay positive sweet one :)

This could probably help a lot of newly “awakened” to cope with getting over destructive lifestyles. Great response to a difficult and troubling question. Fighting for the helpless can feel like a losing battle, but it is not a losing battle.

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